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Fiery Copper (Paralucia pyrodiscus)

Fiery Copper
View of the characteristic underside. (Ingleburn, NSW, 13 / 03 / 2010)

Appearance: Upperside dark brown with an extended orange patch on the fore wing. The orange colour sometimes also extends across the hind wing. Underside mainly grey-brown with several dark patches and spots. Very similar to the Bright Copper (Paralucia aurifer).
Wingspan: 2.6 cm
Season: 2 generations from spring until early autumn.
Range: South-eastern and eastern Australia; from VIC through eastern NSW and the ACT into eastern QLD.
Habitat: Open forest and woodland.


The Fiery Copper can be found throughout the temperate regions of south-eastern and eastern Australia where the butterflies fly in open forests and woodland with a grassy understorey. The Fiery Copper can be easily distinguished from the similar Bright Copper (Paralucia aurifer) through the orange patch on the upperside of the hind wing which is either missing or extending across the entire hind wing in the Fiery Copper, whereas the Bright Copper always has an orange patch that covers only part of the hind wing.

Additional Photos

Fiery Copper
In contrast to the similar Bright Copper the Fiery Copper usually has only one orange patch on the fore wing. (Ingleburn, NSW, 20 / 02 / 2010)
Fiery Copper
The underside (here of a male) is grey-brown with a characteristic pattern of dark lines and patches. (Ingleburn, NSW, 20 / 02 / 2010)
Fiery Copper
The butterflies often rest on exposed branches or leaves. (Ingleburn, NSW, 20 / 02 / 2010)