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Range of Thelymitra crinita
Range of Thelymitra crinita.

Queen Orchid
Thelymitra crinita Lindl. 1840



The Queen Orchid, also known as the Blue Lady Orchid, is easily recognised by its brilliant blue flowers and uniquely-shaped column. The species is endemic to south-western WA, where it is generally very common and widespread in forests and woodlands from north of Perth to Albany and Esperance. The Queen Orchid is abundant along the Darling Scarp east of Perth, where it grows together with the equally common Scented Sun Orchid (Thelymitra macrophylla) and Shy Sun Orchid (Thelymitra graminea), all of which flower at about the same time of the year in mid spring.


Thelymitra crinita
The Queen Orchid is characterised by its brilliant blue flowers. (John Forrest NP, WA, 28 / 09 / 2013)
Thelymitra crinita
The species is easily recognised by the unique structure of the column. (John Forrest NP, WA, 28 / 09 / 2013)
Thelymitra crinita
Large specimens can carry well over a dozen flowers. (Jarrahdale, WA, 15 / 10 / 2017)
Thelymitra crinita
Another view of an individual flower. (John Forrest NP, WA, 28 / 09 / 2013)
Thelymitra crinita
View of the full plant. (Jarrahdale, WA, 15 / 10 / 2017)
Thelymitra crinita
The smooth, green leaf is relatively broad. (Jarrahdale, WA, 15 / 10 / 2017)