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Comparison of Heteronympha species

On this page, differences in the underside pattern of some of the species of Brown (Heteronympha) found in the Sydney area are shown and explained. Small differences in the underside markings and colouration usually allow a secure identification of the species.

Male Female Description
Heteronympha mirifica Heteronympha mirifica

Wonder Brown (Heteronympha mirifica)

  • Female unmistakable.
  • Male with inconspicuous spots and markings on hind wing underside.
  • Eye colour: grey-brown.
Heteronympha merope Heteronympha merope

Common Brown (Heteronympha merope)

  • Female large and unmistakable.
  • Male hind wing underside colour light brown with dark markings and small eyespots.
  • Eye colour: grey-brown.
Heteronympha paradelpha

Spotted Brown (Heteronympha paradelpha)

  • Hind wing underside colour orange-brown in male and purple in female.
  • Eyespots large and conspicuous.
  • Eye colour: black.
Heteronympha penelope

Shouldered Brown (Heteronympha penelope)

  • Hind wing underside colour orange-brown, with central purple patch in female.
  • Eye colour: black.
Heteronympha banksii Heteronympha banksii

Banks’ Brown (Heteronympha banksii)

  • Both sexes with extensive purple colouration on the hind wing underside.
  • Eye colour: black.