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Red-banded Jezebel (Delias mysis)

Red-banded Jezebel

Appearance: Upperside white with black edges and wing tips. Hind wing underside with characteristic red band.
Wingspan: 5.5–6.0 cm
Season: Several generations all year round.
Range: Along the east coast of QLD. Isolated populations occur in north-western NT and northern WA.
Habitat: Rainforest and gallery forest; also swampland and mangrove.
Photo: Daintree NP, QLD, 30 / 12 / 2005.


As with many Delias species, the Red-banded Jezebel usually flies high up in the canopy, making it very difficult to find and observe this generally common species. Occasionally, the butterflies descend to the ground to either rest in the shade or feed from flowers. Due to its characteristic red band on the underside of the hind wing the Red-banded Jezebel can be readily distinguished from similar species of Jezebel.